Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cycle 6 Day 16: IVF Long Protocol

i met someone from FemaleNetwork who is planning to have her IVF treatment in penang. got her details and have been chatting with her since we're both having IVF in Lam Wah EE. her initial assessment is scheduled this month. im as excited as she was.

our questions are almost similar. IVF long protocol was recommended to us by HLWE's IVF consultant. unfortunately, we don't have any idea about it. what the consultant told me that it would take two cycles. on the first cycle, i will be on buserelin. it's probably similar to lupron (anyone reading this who knows, do correct me). the medication will help to have a more controlled cycle. on the second cycle, you will take a blood test, the results of which will determine if the ivf procedure will push through. if it does, then the correct amount of gonadotropin will have to be taken until follicles mature. once the follicles are mature, HcG shot will be given. egg retrieval (ER) will depend on the day the follicles will mature. egg transfer (ET) will happen 3-5 days after ER. Then the 2ww begins.

here are the links that might be helpful for those making their ivf schedule. its helpful if you have a regular cycle. you can just adjust plus/minus a week from the dates for allowance.


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